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Top Resume Tips for Job HuntersResume

Once you make up your mind to start a job search, the first thing you need is your resume. An impressive resume will be your ticket to the job. For beginners, writing a resume is usually a tough task. Read on to discover a few tips that will guide you to write an impressive resume.

Career objective
You must never overlook the importance of a career objective, as this is what makes or breaks your career. You must clearly state which kind of jobs you are looking for and set your targets before facing your interviewer.

Your E-mail ID should sound mature
Now that you are entering the professional world, you cannot work with an immature e-mail address. For example, instead of, have your name in it and make it sound professional.

Keeping your resume simple is imperative. Use only white paper and avoid adding anything distracting like graphics, colors etc. Remember that the key word to a great CV is “professionalism”.

Present Your Resume

Font size
For local jobs, when you write the resume, the font size you select must be large enough to be easily read by people above 40 years. Nothing can be more frustrating to an employer than struggling to read a poorly formatted resume.

Bullet points
Make use of bullet points rather than writing long paragraphs. Bullet points give a quick overview of your details to your potential employer. Whatever you write, make it clear and concise. Also avoid using a complex sentence structure.

Never give real names or telephone numbers of the people who can refer you. A simple statement of “references available upon request” will do.

Proof reading
In the end, ask someone knowledgeable to proofread your resume and omit the errors.

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